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A Family Owned Business Since 1935

Family Business

As we approach our 80th year in business, we have taken the opportunity to look back over the past three generations and are going to try to explain why we have been successful. As many of you already know, running a family owned business – especially one now on the third generation of ownership – is really quite difficult. It really comes down to three things … keeping the customer as the primary focus, teamwork and when all is said and done, work ethic! From when our grandfather Bill Lally started the business delivering eggs door to door, to when our father Bill … started to expand the business to provide a wider offering of products, to today as Amy and (you guessed it) Bill continue the family tradition of great service and great products … it has been those three ideals – handed down generation to generation that have kept us strong and growing. We invite you to contact us and experience the level of good old fashioned service, hard work and commitment to customer service that our customers have come to expect from Lally Farms.

Dairy Meat Cheese and Egg Supplier

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